Monday, 2 February 2009

Watch this one!

Most people will never appreaciate the beauty and charm of animation & it's a sad thing. I remember watching Persepolis, which I love, last year and thinking that this one simply should stop all the prejudiced talk about animation being inferior to live action films, but it won't stop. No matter what filmmakers do and sometimes they do some really beautiful things - like Persepolis or Richard Linklater's Waking Life. And I love fun animation, too. Ratatouille was funny and entertaining and well written.

And then there are the shorts that never get much attention, but I've found this small piece of animation - called Father and Daughter - and it kind of touched me. It's a very short film (about 6 minutes excluding the end titles) and it has no dialogue. It's just minimalistic animation & music. And it tells a story, which I personally could relate to. Maybe it just speaks to me, but I cry every time I see it.

Watch it!


  1. It's really impressive, but it's so sad. I was about to cry myself when I watched it.

  2. Yeah, to me it's very painful watching it, because I lost my Dad, too, and even though not under the same circumstances, it just feels painful and I all the time think like if it's about me. It's weird, I know.