Thursday, 5 February 2009

Short films & Hattie McDaniel clip

Well, I love short films. If I get into a filmmaking programme, I'd love to do some. They're always tricky, because it's really hard to tell an intriguing story in five minutes. Some filmmakers succeed and it's always fun to watch short films. And I'm really glad that the Academy presents Oscars in the short film categories, because this way younger and unexperienced filmmakers could be rewarded (even student films) & it could be a golden opportunity to be noticed.

Here are some shorts I enjoyed: the first one (Faith d'hiver) I watched last year and it really, really shocked me. (I believe that it's an Oscar-nominated short film.) Even though I don't think it's great cinema (even though it has some really very interesting shots), it's pretty much about the plot twist, which works quite well. Right now I'm watching the five nominated animated shorts nominated this year and there's a Russian flick, which is really touching. By the way, last year my sister took me to see Alexander Petrov's The Old Man and the Sea and I really, really loved it. Go see it if you get the chance! It's really beautiful & very moody.

Watch FAITH D'HIVER here:

And yesterday, just rushing through youtube, I found a really nice video of Hattie McDaniel becoming the first woman of colour to win an Oscar - for supporting actress in Gone With the Wind.

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