Monday, 2 February 2009

Some more poetry

It's from the second class we had in English. And it's what I wrote. The subject was depression. I was still reading Sylvia Plath, so it was no problem relating to it. I wrote that:

I'm down. Memories can't be erazed.
I just remember the coldness of the knife.
It touched my skin. My teeth were in pain.
Being felt like if in vain.

And I don't think, and I just am,
I'm down... and sinking, grabbing my pain.
And choking it. Let it taste my grief!
I just feel like a damned creature, like a sinking thief!

Give me the razor. I would fain
to put an end to every grain -
the grain of pain, I see its sails.
The ship is sinking. Saving fails.

And I'm just lying on the floor,
around is water, seaweed & reck.
My wet flesh simply forgets what life is.
And my brain just stops with a picture
erazed in it -
for eternity.

Eternal frame.
Eternal non-life.
Eternal pain - not physical, not psychical.
Just a memory of pain.

The influence is there.

Anyway, this one last day has been really stormy. I think I'm losing somebody who started to mean something more to me & it doesn't feel great. Anyway, I believe we'll have a shot - if not right now, still a month or two later. Or a year. I know it.


  1. Are u sure u dont like poetry & wrote this piece?? Mate i like it a lot - it sounds very honest :) If u can do more id luv 2 c em

  2. It's not that I don't like poetry. I just don't consider myself somebody who writes poetry. I love poetry, especially reading good poetry. I'm a huge Sylvia Plath fan.

  3. Yeh sorry mate, thats what i meant - i shouldve worded it better :P Its a brilliant piece regardless. I might have to look up this Sylvia Plath lady. Il admit ive never actually read any published poetry before :P

  4. Get a copy of Ariel. It's great! Sylvia Plath is amazing and I'd recommend reading The Bell Jar. I just started it in English & it's amazing. It's a novel, but it just readsas poetry. when have you been to the UK?

  5. A few months ago - was in europe for oktoberfest :D luv to go back but money is a bit tight at the moment :p I did some reading on Sylvia Plath & she certainly sounded like a curious creature. Il c if i can find more of her work. Cheers