Sunday, 11 January 2009

Heya, fellas!

You know it's Jan. 11th? And what's going on tonight? It's Golden Globes night - the second most exciting event of the year (next to the Oscars, of course!). And for somebody who's not just a film buff, but wants to do films & theatre his whole life, it's quite a thing.

Anyway, you know what can ruin the night?

For me these are three things:Курсив

(1) If Meryl Streep doesn't win best actress in a drama (for Doubt). You may have noticed already that I'm a huge fan (fanboy is a funny word, huh?) & soon I could change the name of my blog to Meryl Streep appreciation society, but come on, this woman deserves the award, hands down. She kept me thinking about this character, about her character's motives, about what's driving her. And so on. But I think she wins, so let's focus on the other two things which could ruin the night for me.

(2) No surprises. I doubt it could be the case, since they love throwing curveballs every year. And some of the races are pretty open. So it could very well be a night full of surprises. Last year the had some really out of the blue winners. So I'd enjoy it, even though I possibly won't agree with them on some of the awards. But come on, we all know awards are not about who delivered a really impressive performance or who made a great film. It's business much more than art, so don't care too much! (The sad things is that these awards set trends in the films, which will be produced in the next couple of years. And it's really sad they rarely go for the Europen auteur filmmakers, like Almodovar, Fatih Akin, Abdel Kechiche, or even for the American outsiders - like Todd Haynes or PT Anderson, but enough about that.)

(3) Boring acceptance speeches: Yeah, this is what makes me really sick. Come on, don't just read a few names! And believe me - nobody wants to hear you thanking your agent, who's done so much for you (lol) or you hubby or your psychoanalyst or your house cleaner who helped you learn the lines or your mother-in-law who's like a real mother to you (I believe you!, haha). Just surprise people! Entertain people! I actually don't think Meryl Streep needs awards. Everybody knows that she's a great actor & some say she's the greatest living actor. But once she takes the stage, she just knows how to give an acceptance speech. What I really like is that the last three times she won, she didn't thank her hubby & they're married in over 30 years (I think) and are rumored to have a very strong bond. But come on, who wants see an actress thanking her hubby, especially if nobody knows who he is. (He's a painter, actually. I love painters. I respect people who've got this talent. My sister is into painting, by the way. Once I get back to Sofia, I could scan some of her works and show them, if she accepts.) Meryl just finds the right way into the people's hearts - she's funny, she's witty, she's generous. I love that about her. Anyway, the arrogant guy I am, I love the self-absorbed speeches as well. When they deliver the laughs. Just take a look at Geena Davis accepting the drama series lead actress Globe in 2005. She rocks.

Here's Meryl Streep's Golden Globe speech. It's sad that I couldn't find Geena Davis's speech or Steve Carell's speech, but I have Elaine Stritch (a Broadway legend) at the Emmy's in 2004. She rocks. The woman just says what's on her mind, but you can't get angry. "And I'm so glad none of them. I won!"... Just look at the audience. Some enjoy it. Some don't feel comfortable with it. Come on, everybody is thinking about that! Everybody wants to win!

Sorry for the subtitles, but I couldn't find a better copy.

Once I get around these awards shows (if I ever make it to them! I'm so lazy!), I'm going to give the perfect speech! You don't have any idea what I'm going to say, really. LOL. Anyway, enjoy the clips and comment (if you feel like doing it).

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