Monday, 12 January 2009

A cop of coffee after a long night without any sleep

I have not slept at all last night (because of the Golden Globes, which disappointed me!) & even though it's 1:10 p.m., I still don't feel the urge to go to bed. I just grabbed some coffee (without sugar or milk - I actually hate milk in my coffee, but I used to love sugar in it!) & decided to write something on the blog.

I don't want to write about the Globes, because the awards were really disappointing this year, especially given the breath of fresh air last year was (with films like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly winning major awards). I really don't get the overblown love for Slumdog Millionaire, which to me was a well executed, but fairly predictable film (even though it had some energy, which I loved about it). And what the heck were they thinking giving Kate Winslet two Globes?! She wasn't even the most deserving one in either one of the categories. I would have been fine with her winning best supporting actress, but best actress in a drama over Meryl Streep & Kristin Scott Thomas & even Anne Hathaway is just a joke. Not that I don't like Kate Winslet, don't get me wrong! But to me she's a mannered actor ,which is what I really dislike about acting. Mannered acting just remains acting & never allows the viewer to fully identify & experience something. While I was watching Kate's performance in Revolutionary Road, I was thinking all the time: Yeah, technically she's perfect & she does all the right moves, all the right gestures & she doesn't overact, but it remains just a lame pretending game. She never goes beyond the dry manual type of acting & doesn't achieve a moment, in which you care about her character. No, quite the opposite. I didn't get it. April just remained a character, an enigmatic character. The performance was simply empty. It felt empty. And I cannot forgiver her that. (Now, I really think I should write something more about my attitudes toward acting and what I think acting is about & what I consider good (or as I would say) interesting acting. You just cannot believe how much doing it actually helps you understand it. I just started realizing that the showy, flashy acting (which usually gets awards & nominations at the big awards' shows like the Oscars) just isn't the acting that I think is appealing and truthful. That's why I just forget about awards and I try to focus on the performance itself & I'm not even perplexed by the fact that these pure, truthful performances don't get much recognition. Because, as I already pointed out in a previous entry (about Meryl Streep), these performances aren't about the actor, but about the character. I just cannot believe I'm telling this (since I really never considered Leo much of an actor - until recently), but he totally blew me away in Revolutionary Road. His performance just depitcs bit by bit how a human being changes & the frustration, which these changes & the lost dreams (and above all, ideals) could cause. I liked the quiet intensity in his performance, because - unlike Winslet - he just doesn't push too much. He relies on the nature of things. I mean, he gets into the part like a human being, not like an actor. Winslet is too theatrical for me (in the bad sense!), while DiCaprio remains very down-to-earth and just uses the minimum of characterizations to make his character work. Come on, I maybe bored you to death with my musings. To me it's really interesting, since theatre & film & acting & directing is pretty much a passion, but I really didn't want to write about that right now. I'll write about acting soon & it'll be a long entry, believe me! Anyway, the Globes weren't even fun! There were some surprises & actually, Collin Farrell's speech was fun. The guy is crazy, huh? I love his disrespect as I do love Ricky Gervais and his quirky British humour & Sacha Baron Cohen's jokes before presenting an award. But about Farrell - this guy is really Irish. Every Irish guy I've known (a few, really!) has this crazy look in the eyes. They do. They really do. (Now I remember that Leo was playing an Irish guy in The Departed, but he really lacked this crazy look. Bad.)

Anyway, I just decided to upload a song from a Bulgarian film (from the 70's) called "Козият рог". It's a really wonderfully lyrical film, which is one of my favorite Bulgarian films & even though some people find it too slow or just too rural, I think it's just a wonderful film, which works on many, many levels - not just as a romantic story or a revenge story or a historical film (though this it obviously isn't), but as a metaphor about repression & how it gets back to you. Anyway, the film has a wonderful song, performed by the late Maria Neikova, which is a song absolutely every Bulgarian from 10 to 99 knows by heart. It's called "Two" and it's about love of course, but about the way two people fall in love & take the road (a long road) & since they're together, nothing is able to stop them...

Here's the text of the song in Bulgarian:

Вървят ли двама на дълъг път
и път да няма не ще се спрат.
Ще бродят близки по таз земя,
ах, как не искам да съм сама.

Решат ли двама да дирят брод
в тях грейва пламък за цял живот.
Той пръска искри в скръб и тъма,
ах, как не искам да съм сама.

Делят ли двама една съдба,
допрат ли рамо в една борба,
ще легнат чисти във таз земя,
ах, как не искам да съм сама,
ах, как не искам да съм сама.

Here's my translation of the text. It's actually a really free one, but I'll keep it here so you get an idea of what the song is about. (Anyway, I hate putting such an early draft of my translation here, but anyway. I'll correct things later.)

When two people walk together on a long road,
even if the road disappears,
they just won't stop.
They'll wander with pure hearts on this Earth.
I really don't want to be alone.

When two people decide to see the wide world,
a flame in their hearts now burns.
He's spreading sparkles in sorrow & in pain.
I really don't want to be alone.

When two people share a destiny,
when two people are a whole in a fight.
They'll lay down pure in the cold Earth.
I really don't want to be alone.

That's it pretty much. It's a really mediocre translation, but I'll work it out later or when I'm in the mood. Anyway, if somebody is reading, please comment. Comment on the song & the blog or anything. I hate doing that, but I may really be an attention seeker. Haha.

Enjoy the song! It's worth while!

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